Currency Risk Management's recent contributions to the finance media provide you with perspectives and tools to understand and successfully navigate the FX markets.


"Mitigating FX risk in cross-border M&A"

Discusses the FX risks of each phase in a cross-border transaction, and various mitigation strategies for those risks.

"Cash Flow Hedging Best Practices"

This article lays out some basic principles of a well-constructed cash flow hedging program. Following these principles will help avoid embarrassing earnings calls.

"The Importance of Managing FX Risk"

This is a primer on FX risk measurement and FX risk management using derivatives such as forwards and options.

"Doing Business in Europe? You Should be Hedging"

Small companies as well as large ones are exposed to euro risk, and smaller ones may be less able to weather volatile exchange rates. Hedging FX risk is the answer for all companies.

"Managing Peso Fluctuations in your Mexican Operations"

Investors and companies doing business in Mexico are susceptible to currency risk.