Currency Risk Management staff is continually researching and reporting on FX topics of interest to the finance professional. We provide this material free of charge, but ask that it not be redistributed. All papers are in PDF format.

"The Strategic Benefits of Hedging" Beyond the direct financial benefits, hedging can increase corporate valuation, reduce taxation, and enhance the ability to raise both debt and equity capital.
"FX Risk for Management"

High-level discussion of the positive effects of FX hedging on a company's metrics (earnings VaR, EPS)

"FX Risk for Operations"

Discusses the practical aspects of setting up a hedging program and measuring its success.

"Play Defense"

The OTC FX derivatives market is opaque, and it's easy to pay more than fair market price. This article offers many tools to help companies level the playing field with banks.

"Taming Volatile Energy costs"

A study of how FX hedging can reduce costs for energy companies operating in emerging markets.

"Top 8 FX Risk Management Mistakes" A list of the most common mistakes we've observed companies make when managing FX risk.

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Decision-making for hedging translational risk